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We're in the press again! Its always good to see work we've created appear in the press. We recently created an advert for Nutmeg which has appeared in The New Statesman. The advert was used in a supplement and looked great printed on gloss.

For more information about Nutmeg visit

Nutmeg New Statesman Spread Nutmeg New Statesman Advert Nutmeg New Statesman Cover

Here is a new print advert we have just finished for our new client VouchedFor. The advert was placed in The Times newspaper. We had lots of fun with colour profiles as News International can be pretty strict! Both the client and us are very happy with the results and the final advert looked great when printed.

If your looking for a Independent Financial Advisor the this would be my first stop.

VouchedFor Times Ad 1 VouchedFor Times Ad 2
PI Benchmark Pullup banner

We have just finished this pull up banner for new client PI Benchmark. It was designed to go in the entrance hall for a conference they were taking part in but we have designed the banner so it can be used over and over again. The advantage of this type of banner is that as it rolls back into the base unit it can be stored and transported very easily.

We produce these banners in house which is a real advantage when it comes to lead times as a lot of companies can take weeks to produce these.

349 Design Website

Today we are pleased to announce that the brand new 349 Design website has gone live. Now it's all up and running we are planning a lot more updates to the site and plenty of blog posts so do keep checking back to see what we are up to. Don't forget you can also keep up to date on our Twitter and Facebook pages:

Facebook logo
Facebook logo

For those of you who are technically minded the site has been built using Drupal 7 with some jQuery thrown in for good measure.

If you want to know more about this site or how we can create something similar for your company just click here to drop us an email.

Run England flyer

This flyer was designed for the Oxfordshire based GO Active and Active Women organisation to promote their initiative with RunEngland.

The aim was to attract people to join one of Run England's social jogging groups that are being organised across Oxfordshire.

With GO Active we were lucky that they had a good image library which really brings their designs to life. Where possible we always like to show faces on a design like this. It helps to engage the potential user as they see a familiar face. The people we've used in this flyer were perfect for the target audience.

Website to tax Internet Explorer 7 users

Australian online technology retailer is believed to be the first retailer to introduce a tax on customers still using Internet Explorer 7. The charge is added so the company can recoup the cost of backwards engineering the site for users of the outdated software.

Ruslan Kogan, Chief Executive of the company was quoted on the BBC as saying "I was constantly on the line to my web team. The amount of work and effort involved in making our website look normal on IE7 equalled the combined time of designing for Chrome, Safari and Firefox."

IE7 was superseded by IE8 in March 2009 and since then software giant Microsoft has also released IE9 with version 10 due out in the autumn of 2012.

There are unlikely to be people actually paying the charge with only 1.6% of intent users in the UK using IE7 (Stats from June 2012). This does raise the issue however of whether the responsibility is on users to keep their web browser up-to-date or on web designers to make their sites accessible to older browsers.

Is your browser up-to-date? If not consider one of these listed below…